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AZLO Highlights

Cotton band and invisible band technology allows options for an ultra comfort wear or band invisibility
Natural & wispy, high quality lash-like hairs are designed to replicate and enhance your natural eyelashes
Light weight and durable. Wear up to 20x!
Certified 100% vegan & cruelty-free standards of PETA
Automatically become a proud part of the cause to end horrific animal fur trade
Lash styles are named after an array of personalities to cultivate self-empowerment & self love.

How to apply lashes


From Our customers

I'm Obsessed! Fav Styles: Resilient, Radiant


Big difference with nice lashes! Very glamorous lashes, easy to apply and I am obsessed I love it! Fav style: Fierce


Natural, fluffy and so comfortable

Perfect lash enhancer. I wore them from all day at the office to out all night and I forgot I was wearing them.. LOL They’re that comfortable!!

Purchased the style classy and I’m literally in love.

It’s the perfect amount of wispiness and looks so natural on my eyes. Does enough to open up my eyes but doesn’t look like too much going on. Very natural I love them! Love that they’re cruelty free too

I absolutely LOVE AZLO lashes!!

I absolutely LOVE AZLO lashes!! The variety of styles perfectly align with every mood that I’m feeling, whether I want to be anywhere from sassy to classy, there’s the perfect lash to match! They’re unbelievably comfortable and last forever, not to mention the fact that they’re fur free!! Look no further on your hunt for the perfect lashes, you won’t get anything better than AZLO!

Sooo easy to apply. Super comfortable and LOVE all the compliments i get

They’re so natural but also GLAM. These are the only lashes that don’t irritate my eyes because they’re fur free and have such a comfortable band. Other mink lashes give me a bad allergic reaction from their fur. I get so many compliments when I wear classy!

These are soooo luxurious!

Shipping was fast and im in love with the packaging. Im raving over resilient and fierce

Wow these are really good quality lashes.. I’ve worn them 20 times now and they’re still going!! Love everything about them. carla.alverio