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About AZLO


AZLO was created and founded with the intention to serve a purpose in the beauty industry. Our focus is to create a product that brings people together to boost self-confidence and empowerment as well as to serve as a solution to reduce animal cruelty. Instead of using animal fibers, fur, or other material to create false eyelash strips, our lashes are made with 3D silk that are 110% animal cruelty-free! (No worries, not actual silk, rather a name to describe the silly material)

By using 3D silk, you can still create the 3D Mink look you desire without harming any animals in the process. Our 3D silk lashes are soft, light, very durable, and can be worn up to 20 times with proper maintenance and care! We hope you fall in love with our lashes as much as we love creating them for you, the environment, and our inner-beauty confidence! 


With love and light,

Brianna & Janny | Co-Founders of AZLO Lashes, LLC