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Use tweezers to carefully remove lashes from the lash tray. Place over eye lid and cut accordingly from the end of the strip.

All glues/adhesives dry at different speeds. We recommend anywhere from 15-45 seconds or when they feel tacky depending on the type of glue/adhesive. Since there various types, refer to the eyelash adhesive  instructions.

AZLO Lashes can be worn and may be able to last all day with proper application. However, they are meant to be taken off at the end of the day.

AZLO Lashes can we worn up to 20 times with proper maintainance and care.

Soak lashes in a small dish or container with rubbing alcohol for 15-20 mins. Carefully remove false lashes from the dish and remove loose glue with a pair of tweezers. Set back into lash tray and allow to air dry. Use a spooly or q-tip to brush lashes to dry. 

Use a non-oil based make-up remover and carefully wipe over the top of lashes to gently remove false lashes. 

Wearing false lashes usually does not result in our natural lashes falling off. If natural lashes seem like they are falling off more frequently, it normally means the application process was not done properly. However, we lose about two to three stand a day naturally.