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AZLO Lashes, LLC


Sassy is easily our most dazzling lash! These high quality fur-free eyelashes open the appearance of your eyes with a unique design. Criss-cross at band that grows into natural wispy hairs at the tips. The multi-dimensional design makes this style long and dense.  Once applied, these falsies look absolutely dazzling! Perfect for a girl night out work to night time, as well as for special occasions. Perfect for all eye shapes.

  • Medium-weight
  • Our more dense, double-layered lash style
  • Works well for all eye shapes
  • Criss-cross style gives a dramatic, eye-catching look

Our cotton band technology offers ultimate comfort for longer wear and has a thin black band which mimics eyeliner.

AZLO Lashes in style, ‘Sassy’ are handmade using high-quality, fur-free special materials that are hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive eyes and always 100% vegan & cruelty-free. These false eyelashes are easy to apply and super comfortable to wear. Each box contains one pair of AZLO Lashes. Please note that adhesive is sold separately. Time to finally treat yourself--you deserve these stunning lashes, queen!

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